4.Altitude sickness

 I did schizophrenia clinical trials from 7 June 2007. I took the strong conviction on the changes of hemoglobin in

 the blood. Following No.4 indicate changes in hemoglobin during this time. I was in September at the end of three

 days, climbed the mountain of 2230m. Is said to increase hemoglobin values are generally higher mountain to

 climb. Show No. 5series and stay high altitude and oxygen partial pressure.No.6 indicate changes in hemoglobin.

 Hemoglobin changes were happening in my body. In order to efficiently transport oxygen todilute my blood old

 and weak causing selection and metabolism. My weight is 55kg. 4230cc is my own total blood volume, hemoglobin

 the total 651g. Hemoglobin values just before the climb was at 15.4g/dl. I derived the minimum value at

 14.4g/dl. 1g/dlhemoglobin degradation selection happened than by climbing in my body.

 This shows that was 42.3g of  hemoglobin is broken down into theion. Ions causing the dissociation I

  possessed clairvoyance delusion, obsession gave. This is totally same as insight in schizophrenia. I have insight

 .Decrease of hemoglobin should be increased. Olympic athletes, the monotonically increasing results without

  utilizing high altitude adaptation, be weeded outweak and old hemoglobin. In addition, after the descent is

  measured 1 monthafter noticing the decline. Has the biological metabolism.

   Or be part of themechanism of the sickness.

date 14-July 17-Aug 8- Sep 3-Oct 1-Nov
Hb g/dl 15.8 15.6 15.4 14.7 15.8

day time Alutitude
Oxygen tention
1 11:20 18 159

15:00 1400

16:00 1550 133
2 7:30 1550 133

8:15 1650

9:30 1800

10:45 2230 124

11:40 1650

17:00 1550 133
3 10:00 1550

16:50 18 159


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