3.Survivors guilt

I was excited at the hospital moved to give up rescue with heavy remorse. Tears overflow in a trance, also      

happened flashbacks.Occurred and any changes in my body and was causing the Phantasmagoria experience

  again slowly. Even more memories and had fantasized about the future slowly. These is over written as electrical

  signals to nerve cells in the brain of my heavy, deep and thick.

Led to psychological damage after that depression in my life for a long time, manic depression and schizophrenia.

Cause flashback takes long time and happened upon this understanding. Was happening due to stress, rapid weak

hemoglobin in the blood, old selection, metabolism. Ion occurs due to decomposition of hemoglobin, and cascade

into the memory neurons in the brain, was once again taking the Phantasmagoria experience.

Results that energy is in an avalanche swept 101e energy is accumulating in the brain. More transistors the effect

again in the brain 101e×10= 102e of accumulated electric signals. Show No.2 .

Transistor series connection with amplification product. The circuit diagram shown in the No.3  


黄色のファイル 2014/a yellow file, reson for Schizophrenia