2.PTSD by Avalanche

    I tucked away snow to the hole in the bodydue to an avalanche of blast pressure, had suffocated. It was very

    cool.Numbered first axe for runaway or pins on the body, was paying attention. I hada Phantasmagori

    a experience at the same time.

     To protect the brain, where as rapid suffocation from blood ionized oxygen molecules are released.

    Ion charge and cascade into memory neurons in the brain and memory recall occurs at the speed of light.

    The amplification factor by 10times.

    100e the brain's normal electrical signals,amplified electrical signal causing the flashback shown would be

    101e ,No.1 .This shows that the NPN transistor structure occurs in the brain.

  Flashback has the effect to overwrite all memory regardless of unconscious emotions, pleasant and unpleasant,

    conscious nervecells. This is in how PTSD due to avalanche

黄色のファイル 2014/a yellow file, reson for Schizophrenia