1.Accident situation

   Avalanche occurrence  1979 December 16 AM11:00

4 students were swept in an avalanche occurred upstream from climbing in the swamp, was missing with one.

Four of us took at the request and began the search. Bring 1 person to contact all parties concerned, and

downstream on the mountain. I found one red glove on the left bank of the debris. I informed all discovery.

I dug the face of the people buried in the snow, the check for breathing. The guard descended ago. All of climber

were washed due to an avalanche of second from the top on the left bank. 3 person of us injured, oneself was

impossible descent. Local climbers climbed down from the trail. I asked local climbers for rescue. Missing

person buried position is lost. I broke off the search, the elapsed time and wounded three others for the

occurrence. I take 1 person to contact and the descent. Atthe same time with the arrival of the police officers

has been out injured.Injured and transported by ambulance and admitted to hospital.

黄色のファイル 2014/a yellow file, reson for Schizophrenia