Paranoid and suicidal ideation in the wake starts selection of hemoglobinin the blood. Under the influence of

     oxygen partial pressure and stress. And attunedto changes in oxygen partial pressure of the air at the same

     time, theexplosive change will happen.

     Caused by the ion energy in the ordinary man can not control due to decomposition of hemoglobin and mental

     confusion. In a reaction hit the limit of the lower region of the hemoglobin value to each individual.Value

     increases gradually after the reaction and eventually subsided.No.7is shown.

     To be aware of reactions of hemoglobin with State selection starts at 0m above sea level on Mount Fuji 5th

     station bus transfer people's lives with you around the eyes and head pent-up feeling with. Not when  

     hemoglobin responseoccurs, everyone that originated in schizophrenia.

    And each body to the hemoglobin value standard, minimum and maximum, because it reaches the lower range

     limit within the standard reaction do not develop schizophrenia. To develop the metabolism is active in

     relatively young individuals as a likely reaction of late.



黄色のファイル 2014/a yellow file, reson for Schizophrenia