And the yellow the yellow file

  In the summer 2002 Disease was rekindled.

  I made two reports. File was lying in the room was green and yellow

  Yellow got ready at home. Submitted to the Doctor of the Department of  

  Psychiatry, attending one of the Green Book. Taken from company color  

  Fanuc, as yellow.

  A long time ago mounted yellow thick instruction manual 4-5 books and  

  read all over.

  Programming of NC machine tools and mechanisms are described in this  

  instruction manual.

  I did the operator of machining and machine design.

  Last spring 1989, I was the onset of schizophrenia. The phenomenon of  

  possession occurred.

  AWANO that last possession and, who is this? I thought for a while.

 Long time ago, I learned computer programming.

 The lecturer was Mr. AWANO.

 He gave me a batch of "FAPT EXPERT".


 Reports filed after5 years have passed. Switch happened on television

  was a program of the voyage for the futurein ABU, NHK. The ending   

  song is  flowed. This is the English rap song.

  "ENOMOTO say, he can talk with God, he says he can talk with God..."

  Oh, I felt a growing story, this read my files medical students from  

  overseas, at that time the yellow file. I launched a website based on  

   this file, and10 years has passed. Little by little, as more readers.  I  

   want to study medical without the completely uneducated in. This file is  

   obtained tips over time, and I felt myself analysis and sick people at that

   image aside, said add little by little.

   Yellow spelling in English is the "Yellow".

   This word is used in the meaning of cowardice, PIs, and coward.

   This report says it's not claims for the accident is they said.

   I know these are uneducated and irresponsible you are going outside of

   the medical.

   38 years since the accident.

   As a record one of climber, wrote this report.


   Thank you very much for reading.

                                           TAKUJI ENOMOTO

                                                           2017 December 07 (Thursday)




 私は、二冊のレポートを作りました。部屋に転がっていた ファイルは緑色と













 アワノさんは私に「FAPT EXPERT」のバッチをくれました。





  ENOMOTO say, he can talk with God, he says he can talk with God…"

















                                                   2017年12月7日(木曜日)                                                         榎本卓司


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