NetHack Map Construction Helper

This is an Win32 application which reduces your effort to make a MAZE-type level description file used in NetHack. It just helps making a level description but does not provide a complete *.DES file. It is for people who could write *.DES file by themselves. Do not expect much on it!
It (perhaps) runs on Windows2000 or later platform.

icon NHMapCon.exe v0.02(Download 84K)

How to use

  1. Select a variant type (usually vanilla) from Variant menu
  2. Set MAZE properties from Maze -> Property menu
  3. Create a region to place a part of maze from Maze -> New Geometry menu
  4. Use Pencil tool to draw terrains or to place monsters/objects/traps/dungeon features
  5. Use Cursor tool to drag them
  6. Double-clicking on them while Cursor tool is selected allows you to modify their properties
  7. Save your maze as some text file
  8. Embed the text file into some *.DES file by yourself and modify it

[Note] Do not think about directly load/save *.DES files!


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