NetHack brass

* I'm not good at English, so please correct me if you find any weird expressions... Japanese page

"NetHack brass" is yet another variant of NetHack v3.4.3. The arrangement is intended to be simple and modest, mainly focused on balancing several factors.

Some NetHack plus codes written by Stephen White are ported into it.

Binary for Win32 DOS-box Download(2004/09/23)
(source code archive is here(2004/09/23))
#Note: It is a pre-alpha version yet.

Major Changes

Screen Shots

Sokoban Goal. You can choose a prize out of three(AoR, BoH, CoMR).

Upper layer of Gehenom: Ice cavern.

Underground river to Juiblex's lake

Dead Forest: Baalzebub's lair

Ghost Town: Orcus's lair