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Gallery of Origamic Architecture
Origamic Architecture
90-degree Open Type
Origamic Architecture
180-degree Open Type
Origamic Architecture
Another 180-degree Open Type
Origamic Architecture
360-degree Open Type
Origamic Architecture &
M. C. Escher's Tessellation
Different Type of
Paper Architecture

The pattern book written in English and Japanese
"ORIGAMIC ARCHITECTURE Goes World-Famous Buildings"

ISBN-10: 4395270468
ISBN-13: 978-4395270460
To get the book from Amazon Japan:Click here
    "Fold-away Book Vol.1 Basic 3D Shapes",Akema Printings

    Movies on Youtube (kamiwazakihara)
 Patterns Download 180-degree open type
The hare : Photo and Pattern

Chapel : Photo and Pattern
 Report of the Exhibitions American Craft Museum(NYC)
 The New York Times (Aug 10 2001)
 The New York Times (May 31 2001)
National Building Museum(Washington D.C.)
 NBM Anual Report 2005
St. Louis Art Museum(MO)
The book about pop-up artists and works in the world   The Art of Pop-Up: The Magical World of Three-Dimensional Books (by Jean-charles Trebbi )

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