CONTENT=""> Japanese artist and illustrator Takahiro Kanie who create realistic fantastic SF art illustration

Japanese illustrator Takahiro Kanie

This is the website of Takahiro Kanie who is one of the most famous illustrator in Japan.

I hope you enjoy the works of Takahiro Kanie.

He create realistic illustrations, fantastic illustrations, science fiction art, sule realism art, science illustrations, medical art, and so on.

He paints his works with brush, airbrush, and acrylic on illustration board.

He also create his images with Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, and Painter.

So, he can send you the data attaced email, if you order some illustrations to him.

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Artist:Takahiro Kanie


1955 he was born in Tajimi city Gifu prefecture Japan .

1977 he entered Kansai Unvercity in Osaka.

Studied art in San Francisco U.S.A. for two years after graduated Kansai University in Osaka.

After came back to Japan, he studied graphic design in Tokyo Designer Gakuin College.

A member of Japan Illustrator's Association.

A member of Society of illustrators U.S.A.