And receive just drifting over sentient rock Earth's convulsions, rarely communicate with deceased animals (including humans) and plants, with very unusual behavior, hallucinatory State.

Caused by brain trauma to amplify an electrical circuit can schematic diagramNo.10 On the show.

Brain electrical signal normally does not cause dissociation, 0.7-0.9 e, At the moment, but exposed to the crisis-hit 100e = 1 e On and enters the electrical switch of transistor circuits. By other and sync in the moment this happens oxygen molecular charge and charges of the ions that break down of hemoglobin,resulting in the brain of transistor circuits.

Happened the explosion occurred when my crashed three times of theelectrical signals the brain cause round, one’s self control cannot bedissociated. Friend at this time a few months ago, died of distress in Alaska, Denali National Park and was able to communicate. As a result, became ahospitalization. Here is an important 100e = 1 e   that exists independent of the basic biological brain signals that reveal. That are left can see themselves objectively and calmly can exist independent of the electrical signal, signal systems; Power serious pathological condition of yourself in the see objectively myself there more often than not. This is very important as the one’s self control that. I think is capable of judging situation calmly, without it is possible to by rock climbing has been done long time upset my mind in a crisis State, probably in a little bit stronger than normal people.

Triple dissociation to trauma 100× 10 × 10 × 10=1000 Was amplified in the times. Would bereceived, and amplify the electrical signal that exist in space, as well asamplification of the trauma just a bit just in case.

While causing Phantasmagoria experience at the moment someone to death, done to death. At that very moment from a brain 101-3e of the energy is released into the space. They drifted into the sky easy energy, are present.This is my19in can bedescribed by had a Phantasmagoria experience while being thrown in an avalancheat the age of.

What happened to my own 6-8 Electrical circuit diagram of the dissociation of the times No.11 On the show.

Simple trauma does not cause the dissociation of 1Million times-100Million times(106e-108e).; My brain has been over written as a remembrance. The number of 10 in  total power index.

State of possession is happening to explode mellow before the onset offirst occurred, strongly. Therefore, in a State of calm and rest enabled, communication with the dead. This is namely that amplifier just slightly adriftin space. In additions on October 2007 can't just network exists to the flare-upoccurred in January when, I guess from different dimensional space and end expansion of the universe had a glimpse (brain images). That seems to be asi mple fantasy images always in sure is made because the network just in caseand just in case there is. This means that in fact in physics, this is"dark matter".

September 2007 When the mountain later this month, from conversations with my former girlfriend why she was there in the mountains or on the side, talking 3 Days thought she was killed moments came in my mind. This change is her dark matter andmanifestations that are drifting in.


黄色のファイル 2014/a yellow file, reson for Schizophrenia